The anxiety of Japan attacking Canada in WWII cause discrimination to rise in Canada. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Canadian residents dreaded the Japanese immigrants staying in Canada might help Japan for violence. The Canadian government prohibited the problem by interning Japanese Canadians. The matter with this resolution was the Canadian government was not righted in interning the Japanese Canadians. The Canadian government had no purpose of interning Japanese Canadians; it was unreasonable, pointless, and biased. ”There were many racist politicians such as Tom Reid and Ian MackenzieStated that Japanese Canadians supported Japan during the war and could be a potential threat to Canada” (Vince & Shin).
The one probable cause for Japanese Canadians to be interned remained that they were close to Canada’s west shore, where it might be possible that they pass Japan with info to violence with Canada. All their properties and assets were sold to offend at very fewer amounts, which was then used as compensation for their internment. “A vast majority of the people incarcerated had Canadian citizenship. All of it was based on their race, on their appearance. To make it even worse, the compensation came 40 years later, and it was nothing compared to what all those people had really lost.” (Buhigas).After World war II, the effect and impact on Canadian antiquity were devastated as the Canadian administration canceled several human rights and transformed the lifestyle of Japanese- Canadians that stood interred.
In conclusion, it can be stated that the main motive for the internment of Japanese-Canadians was a military requirement, Japanese aggression, and fear that introduced terror in Canadians and led to the destiny of the Japanese-Canadians.

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