KKK or Ku Klux Klan was a movement divided by three different thoughts throughout the United States history and outside the American country as well, being acknowledged that the first sprout of this gathering appeared between 1865 & 1866 in an iconic called “the first Klan”, adjudicating the fact of this behavior is the result of national reasons such as the supremacy of white citizen, immigration issues, and nationalism were the second and third reason for their speech used as a reason to get this massive act of irrational actions…
An American organization that appeared in 1866 compiled xenophobic, racist, and intolerant quantity of people that goes to the final point of defining the invisible power of the white American race. Slavery was abolished after the American civil war, where north and south states were against slavery pro-slavery respectively, this KKK started as a “social club” that wanted to keep all those slavery behaviors that were active in the United States, but soon after the beginning of this KKK all the persecution, the racism upon the ethnics culture and black citizen of the United State.
The symbolic act of using uniforms makes it a psychological act as well to inflict terror on those who are being pursued, according to (MacLean 136,137) the Ku Klux Klan of 1920 was the most powerful “invisible army” ever produced, making use of reasons to incite hate on other such as the Jewish having the potential of controlling the world through the economy and the imminent war between white a black people were enough motive to persuade other’s mind.
However this moment of history was not supposed to go exempt of law and that’s how in events posterior to 1981 when Michael Donald was killed and hanged at 112 Herndon Avenue, as told in (Leamer 239, 241) this whole scenario and subsequent court trials, brought the downfall of this massive movement used by an American citizen to settle issues that were not solved by their government.

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