War is the most terrible fruit of human creations. Nothing can justify the use of war, except as an instrument to protect our Motherland. No motivation should encourage people to participate and fight in the war. Our world would be better if everyone adhered to this opinion.
Motivation invigorates and energizes behavior (Brown, 2007, p. 6). There are many different factors that motivate a state to enter and fight in the war. For instance, the conquest, the enrichment of lands, the availability of strategic facilities, the expansion of borders, the protection of its people and lands, ideology, religion, national and ethnic differences, and so on. All these factors can be attributed to both internal and external motivation. If a country is attacked, then the decision to enter the war will be motivated externally. And if the country wants to expand its territories or assign some useful strategic objects, then this behavior is considered internally motivated.
But the war should not begin because of someone’s ambitions and goals, the conquest of territories, and the expansion of borders. The only correct motivation may be the defense of the state of its sovereignty, the integrity of the lands and state borders, and its people. Such a war is described by different authors in many books. For instance, in such work as “War and Peace” by Tolstoy (2008).
But nothing can justify the death of a person who stood in the war only for the sake of expanding the borders of the state, enriching, and conquering. Only in the case of defense, war is considered a feat; in other cases – an insidious crime.
As we see, motivations for entering the war is sufficient, but it would be better if all states lived in peace. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation can influence the decision to enter and fight in the war. It depends on different situations and circumstances. And all this powerful energy, the forces and means that are required for warfare, it is better to direct in the creation of medicines for incurable diseases or for inventions that will help mankind to reach a new level of development.


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