Not all people are aware of the critical importance of sex education to teens and young adults. Lack of information about sex and sexual health has led to unwanted pregnancies and the abundance of sexually transmitted infections.
According to, “Compared with older adults, sexually active adolescents aged 15–19 years and young adults aged 20–24 years are at higher risk of acquiring STDs for a combination of behavioral, biological, and cultural reasons.” (“STDs in Adolescents and Young Adults”). Still, SexEd is not one of the required subjects in all education systems across America. Up to now, only 24 states mandate the teaching of sex education to public schools. We have overlooked the crucial role of SexEd to young people, and it resulted in thousands of unintended pregnancies. When Advocates of Youth found that “750,000 teens become pregnant each year – the vast majority (82 percent) of these pregnancies unintended” (“Unintended Pregnancy Among Young People in the United States”). It’s now more than ever that we need to educate students about sex appropriately, and how it can bring dramatic changes to their lives.
These numbers only reflect that valuable facts about sex must be out in the open, and passed on to young people who need to be aware of such information the most. Requiring SexEd to all education systems would not only reduce the profusion of sex-related infection among teens; it would not only prevent unintended pregnancies but would also lead to a better nation.

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