Teenage pregnancy is one of the major confounding subjects not only associated with foremost social issues such as mental or health development but also poverty and child abuse. A Child born from a teenage mother holds numerous risks, including complications in the pregnancy while giving birth, low birth weight, and perinatal death. These children also show low signs of academic performances in the latter stages and big social and economic problems (“How Adolescent Parenting Affects”).
According to the data received by National Center for Health Statistics and quoted by the Center for Disease Control, in 2017, there was a birth rate of 18.8% per 1,000 women in the age group 15-19 years. A total of 194,377 babies were born in this age group during the same period. The data report also states that although it is a drop of 7% from 2016, the birth rate is still higher compared to other industrialized nations such as France, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan, Canada, or Russia (“About Teen Pregnancy”).
Teen pregnancy leaves a long term impact on their children at social and economic costs. Early births have a greater probability of having a single parent as the family head. Children of teenage mothers have low academic achievements and high rates of school dropouts; they suffer from health issues and also face un-employment during their early career development phase.
To lower down the teenage pregnancy rates, Government bodies, as well as public health organizations, are working in full throttle. Positive parenting is one major step encouraged in all households, including sex discussions and safe practices. Sex education programs are being held at different levels to make adolescents aware of major challenges and consequences of teen pregnancy (Hofferth, SL).
In conclusion, it is imperative to understand that teenage pregnancy not only impacts the lives of a young mother, but its implications on a child are also devastating. With more awareness generating around this subject, the adolescent age group pregnancy rates are expected to lower down further.

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