An imbalanced life comes with a price, even at a young age. Oftentimes, we hear excuses from people such as, “It’s just physical education.” But unknowingly, they’re losing a part of their life just because they are cynical of physical education itself.
Physical education was introduced in the 1800s by the father of modern physical education, Friedrich Jahn. Although the idea of teaching students in the Akademia (Plato’s school) the value of physical fitness has been present from 386 B.C.E., it was Jahn who developed it through gymnastics. With Jahn’s initiative, physical education has been a part of a student’s life up to this day.
Being immersed in physical education is more than just a subject requirement. It is important because it doesn’t just help a person physically. Studies showed that being involved in some physical fitness activities can actually improve one’s focus or concentration. A good focus can result in good standing in academics. Hence, physical education does not hinder one’s capability in performing well in class. In fact, in the study of Coe et al. (2006), it was revealed that students who are involved in vigorous activities achieved higher grades compared to students who are not physically active.
Physical education also promotes healthy growth and development, especially for kids. It does not only concentrate on a person’s physical health. It even helps improve emotional and psychological health. It eases a person’s stress and anxiety by focusing on doing the activities rather than just being problematic. Thus, being physically active can also result in a happier outlook.
However, the existence of physical education is still being questioned. Hence, knowing its importance is a good step in preserving this important aspect.

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