Mental health issues are among the top 10 leading causes of disability worldwide (Gabriel). A workplace can serve as a place that helps individuals who experience mental health issues or, on the contrary, it may worsen their mental health. For instance, a workplace may increase the possibility of the occurrence of mental disorders, worsen an existing disorder, or may contribute directly to mental distress such that it doesn’t reach a level of diagnosable mental disorder but still becomes a source of considerable suffering for the employee (Burton).
Mental health problems at work may not be very noticeable however common work-related symptoms of mental health issues experienced by the workers are: trouble concentrating and remembering, feeling apprehensive and tense, being irritable and less patient, lack of energy, fatigue, withdrawal from coworkers and loss of interest in work (Burton).
Mental health issues are costly for a workplace and individuals who experience it, and also considering that discrimination against mentally unhealthy individuals is prohibited under the Americans with disabilities act of 1990, maintaining a mentally healthy workplace becomes a necessity.
Many organizations have specific policies in place regarding maintaining a mentally healthy workplace. It is generally thought that taking necessary steps by the members of an organization, irrespective of their status, in cases when they experience mental health problems or when they realize that their coworker is experiencing such an issue will ultimately lead to a mentally healthy workplace (Candeias and Bernaert).
In conclusion, a workplace needs to address the mental health issue that some of the workers may be experiencing, as it is beneficial for the workers and the workplace as a whole.

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