Deciding what’s important to us may not be easy. It requires deep thought, soul-searching, and being true to ourselves. What makes something important to us? What desired results, benefits, and advantages can we get that will make it truly important? Below are three areas of life to look into.
A classic example is a balance between work and life. Trivet nailed it in his article, where he wrote, “Maintaining a work-life balance is about separating your personal and professional lives without allowing one to encroach upon the other. Both are important; neither should be neglected.”
Doing well and succeeding in our profession not only improves our earning capability, but also helps our professional growth and self-esteem, and affords us a good life. However, it can be so stressful and tiring that it will compromise our health and well-being. As the Medical Institute of Stress in its 2014 statistics shows, job pressure is the leading source of stress in the workplace, coming from the boss, co-workers, and work overload (“Stress”).
A healthy lifestyle should always include healthy relationships. The risk to a person living alone is similar to risks he gets from smoking cigarettes, obesity, and high blood pressure (“Benefits of”). Taking care of our physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aspects is essential.
The things that are important can be identified by how they can significantly affect our lives. You’ll know if it’s important and how relevant and meaningful it is by basing it on the following:

  •  Balanced life
  •  Professional growth
  •  Social interaction

Knowing this can help us identify the important ones to which we channel our time, energy, and attention.

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