Having a role model while growing up is significant to a child’s life because it allows a child to distinguish the personality a child wants to become. Typically, parents are the role model who plays a very important, if not the most important role in the development of a child’s growth. That is why having an alcoholic parent has a significant impact on a child’s tendency to become an alcoholic. Alcoholism or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) runs through the blood, it’s a family disease, and it is true that some children of Alcoholics become alcoholics because of biological factors or genetics and environmental factor.
There has been a lot of studies conducted that link alcoholism to genetics. Although not all children of alcoholic parents became alcoholics, the tendency to become one is much higher than those of normal children. In a study conducted by Dick and Agrawal, they suggested that “genetic factors influence the risk of these disorders, with heritability estimates of 50 percent and higher” (116). With this, chances of becoming alcoholic are prevalent with children having an alcoholic parent.
Aside from the biological factor, the environment in which someone resides plays a role in alcoholism (Juergens). Living with alcoholic parents who are intoxicated with alcohol on a regular basis will make a child think that it is a normal thing to do. It also implies that the accessibility of alcoholic drinks in the household is easy, which makes the children vulnerable to reaching such drinks and participate in those activities.
A Filipino proverb says, “A tree will bear fruit of its kind,” which means children are reflections of their parents. This proverb may not be true to all families, but in the case of children of Alcoholics, this proverb definitely applies for some children of an alcoholic to become alcoholics because of biological and environmental factors.

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