Time spent with friends or parents leaves specific emotions and experiences that are necessary for every person. Parents are the closest people to any child, so the time spent with them is invaluable. However, friends are always with us and can help in difficult situations when parents may not have such an opportunity. For this reason, when it is necessary to determine with whom to spend my own weekend, there appears a certain dilemma that I have to solve.
Parents gave life to a person and teach him or her how to behave properly in society and in different situations. They spend an enormous amount of energy on providing ample opportunities for a decent education and adequate upbringing for a child (Children: Rights and Childhood, p. 67). Therefore, by giving them the time of my weekend, I can help them and express gratitude for their contribution to me as a person.
Friends become our close people during life journey. As parents, they help us to become better and live moments of joy and sadness with us (Handbook of Peer Interactions, Relationships, and Groups, p. 380). In turn, a weekend with friends is a good option for fun hanging out.
Both parents and friends are people with whom it is pleasant for me to have a soulful rest. However, choosing between family and friends, I will choose the family since I do not spend as much time with my parents as I would like. Moreover, with parents, I can have a good rest both mentally and physically.
To sum up, parents are the closest people in our life, so I want to spend my weekend with them. I have to become my best version since my parents put a lot of resources into it. Therefore, having spent some of my time as one of the resources, I can thank my family for their contribution to my life.

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