Singer, a songwriter, and visual artist, Brandon Boyd, once said that “art is everywhere. And everywhere is art.” As an individual who loves art, I think understanding and living out this quotation has been the key for me to truly appreciate what art can do in our simple lives.
In all the years of my existence, I have been passionate about everything that I set my mind into doing. Whether it might be a simple task given by my mom, an assignment in school, or the hobbies I enjoy that, soon enough, became my passion. Visual arts and music. How can I describe it? I think the more fitting question is—how can I live without it? I don’t think my life wouldn’t be as rewarding as it is now if I haven’t had a passion for art in my life. Art played a massive role in my personal life, as much as it has affected my career choices. The course I have taken, Architecture, isn’t at all my first choice when I was still clouded with ideas of who I should be. But I guess art—in any form it may be—just comes naturally to a person who sees the beauty in it. I learned to appreciate and eventually, got obsessed with the art of creating a sense of environment for people. Most times, our environment affects us more than we know. As an inspiring landscape architect said that “a beautiful environment is necessary if only to buoy up the sagging spirits and offer hope for the future” (IP Santos). Knowing that one’s work of art has such an effect on communities has inspired me so much to continue and strive to satisfy my vision for architecture.
Drawing, painting, designing, creating music, literature, and a lot more forms of art have their own way of pleasing people and, in some way, forms a kind of therapy for all the sickening predicaments this world inevitably has. But understanding and practicing art taught me a very important lesson: as one true artist makes his way to become better every day, he must not forget the very essence why he does it—to touch and inspire people’s perspectives in life.

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